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 “Healing from wounds both seen and unseen”


Overall Summary:

This peer focused recovery group is designed to assist participants in decreasing or eliminating self-harm, as they define their individual recovery process from this condition.  To attend this group, participants are only asked to have some motivation to change parts of this behavior.    


Participants will design and develop individualized recovery skills that are unique to self-injurious behaviors.

Participants will practice new recovery skills in 1:1 manner and in a group setting.

What is a peer-focused recovery group?

This group is overseen by a trained, qualified, recovery support person, however, the true leaders of this group are the participants.  Individuals who attend this group can expect to have their ideas listened to and can expect to design the topics, activities, and conversations.  

What it is not: 

This group is not a treatment modality, we do not focus on pathology nor do we treat mental health diagnosis or symptoms.  This group is for participants who are stabilized and may be involved in treatment, however this group is not to replace or substitute treatment.

Group Description: 

A qualified recovery support facilitator is provided to secure a safe space for participants as they lead their process.  Facilitators support and educate some of the skills such as self-soothing, relaxation, and continuing long term recovery skills from self-harm behaviors.  All of our facilitators are experiential and creative in their approach, in example providing music, creative art, writing and typically avoid a “talk” type approach.

Participant Acceptance Criteria:

Participants are young adults and adolescents, regardless of gender identity or sex.  Participants are willing to eliminate, decrease, or change their self-harm behaviors in the direction of wellness. Participants must be able to exhibit respectful behaviors towards other group members and are deemed not disruptive. 

How do I make a referral or join the group?

For any questions please email Jaclyn Maliszewski at:

Participants must have a direct conversation with the Referral Coordinator prior to initial attendance.


Referral Form

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