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Introducing Crystal, Recovery Coach

Title: Advisory Committee Chair, FOR Westchester

Crystal is a proud person in Long-Term Recovery and is now stepping out of her role as a Hospitality Manager into becoming a Recovery Coach. Through her 25 years in the restaurant industry she has learned how to relate with and serve people from many walks of life. Surrounded by love and being full of gratitude for the life that she now has, Crystal has a strong desire to help others find a life of fulfillment. She is very kind, patient, full of positivity, and is dedicated to offering the message of HOPE to anyone who is willing to receive it.

Fun Fact: Crystal has a natural love for dance. She did her first ballet solo at the age of 5! Her Grandma taught her how to Hula at a young age as well. In the near future she will be offering Y12SR ( Yoga 12 Step Recovery) to our Recovery Community!

Spirit Animal: Butterfly

The transformation that has taken place during the recovery process is remarkable. Crystal feels as though she was crawling on the ground barely getting by for so long and now she is ready to see where her wings can take her!

Join her on her journey, PLUS would you like to find out what your Spirit Animal is? Read the Spirit Animal section in our Blog!

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