Westchester Youth Voices Matter Ambassadors


Training Course:

Youth Stories Have Power 


Tentative dates:

April  4/7      7-9pm

June  6/30    7-9pm

September  9/1  7-9pm

October   10/27  7-9pm

Youth Voices Matter-New York believes in the power of voice!  

Whether you identify as being a young person in recovery, a family member in recovery, or a friend or ally in recovery, your recovery story matters!

Check out the young recovery stories here and learn how you can share yours!

The Yonkers Family YMCA Teen Center:
A Fun Place to Show and Grow


The Yonkers Family YMCA has opened it’s new Teen Center with over 2200 square feet completely devoted to teens. Five spaces designed to meet the wants and needs of young people and their healthy growth and development.   Arcadia, where we have Fun!, has three large screen TV’s;  the internet café with four state of the art computers, The Gamers Grotto, complete with gaming chairs an Xbox and PS4 (PS5 coming soon!!!), pool table, air hockey and a variety of board games, The Mac Lab, where we Show!, the home of 9 iMac computers and another large screen tv (we like big tv’s), and a slew of Nikon cameras , ready to go, The Garden, where we Grow!  This 600 square ft. fluid space allows for classes, group work, exercise, and more. The main element of the room is the 75” Smart TV complete with cam (I told you, we like big TV’s). Lastly, we have The Table, where we sit and eat and talk and eat and laugh and eat (besides big TV’s, we like to eat). The heart of the operations is called Headquarters: the Central Processing Unit; the brains of the Teen Center.  All YMCA  teen programs run from the Teen Center. And the best part of it all is that it’s 100% FREE. Come join the Teen Center at the Yonkers Family YMCA; a fun place to show and grow! 

At the Yonkers Family YMCA, we’re committed to empowering youth in our community.