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What's Your spirit animal?

Let's talk about spirit animals! You can even take a fun little quiz to discover your own spirit animal.

Crystal, Butterfly

by definition: *Powerful transformation, metamorphosis in your life or personality, moving through different life cycles, renewal, rebirth, lightness of being, playfulness, elevation from Earthly matters turning into emotional or spiritual, the world of the soul and the psyche.

how this relates to me:* I have experienced quite a journey thus far, many highs and many lows, each holding great importance to who I am becoming. I consider myself a spiritual being who worships the beauty of our colorful world. In each of us holds a key and a unique roll in the story, mine is to learn to take flight. I began slow and sluggish crawling on the ground, inching my way from place to place, only never to fit in. Then the realization happens, "I am having a tough time with this crawling, because I am meant to FLY!" The journey begins with learning and practicing. Gearing up for the chance to finally set free, having fun all along the way.

Each day I wake up with gratitude for another day to practice and the renewal continues, won't you join me for the transformation?

Take the quiz NOW and join us in the fun! Reconnect with nature and get to know yourself and your animal like instincts!

How to Connect with your Spirit Animal:

  • Pay attention to recurring dreams with the animal

  • Learn about the animal

  • Reflect on the traits or attributes you have in common

  • Record and interpret dreams involving the animal

  • Meditate or Visualize the animal

  • Imagine what the spirit animal would tell you if it had a voice

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